Anchored Here: Gretchen Oppenheim

Gretchen Wildflower Beauty Port Moody

When we met with Gretchen at Wildflower Beauty Bar, we were instantly struck by her beauty inside and out. Lucky for us, she shares her self care rituals at the Wildflower Beauty Bar, a boutique beauty bar on Clarke Street, she founded 2 years ago this August.

After working in a myriad of aesthetic environments, from spas to medical clinics, with training in both traditional spa and medical aesthetics, she felt she was offering her clients only half the solution. So many of these environments believe aggressive chemical peels and creams are the answer, but it’s just skimming the surface. Gretchen was eager to dive deeper, and take a more holistic approach to beauty as a synergy of wellness and self care. She incorporated the best of her traditional and medical spa experience with holistic wellness, and brought Port Moody a unique set of beauty services like Facial Gua Sha, facial cupping, non-toxic pedicures and manicures, and brow henna, just to name a few. The treatments at Wildflower Beauty Bar focus on revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit to reveal beauty from inside and out.

Wildflower Beauty Port Moody

Beside practicing and sharing her passion for wellness, Gretchen shares why she’s anchored here in Port Moody and the legacy she plans to leave behind.

1. How do you contribute to the social development of Port Moody?

“I hope to maintain the brilliant sense of community that is alive and well in the city by being a dynamic business where locals feel welcomed and taken care of.  The strong camaraderie amongst locals is one of my favourite things about this city and I mean to foster that with collaborations and spreading the word about all the great things we have to offer as a city.”

2. What values should we stand for as a community?

“Maintaining a strong sense of community and culture.  Our city is quickly growing and with that we have an opportunity to build a livable city flourishing with arts and culture.”

3. Describe the most authentic moment you’ve witnessed during your time here.

“Because I work one on one with customers all day, I have the pleasure of many authentic moments.  Getting to know people and making authentic connections is one of my favourite things about my job.”

4. What kind of legacy do you intend on leaving behind?

“That's a big question!  I'd have to say I hope to change the dialogue around what beauty is and how it's attained. I'd like to shape the concept of beauty to be more holistic and include self care and authentic connection with self and others. It's so cliche but I really believe beauty comes from the inside out.”

5. What ultimately anchors you here?

“My home, my business, and the friends I've made along the way.  Port Moody has really become the place I call home.”

Check out the services offered at Wildflower Beauty Bar and give Gretchen a visit!

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