Anchored Here: Claire Lambert

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If anyone knows how to connect with people, it’s Claire Lambert. In 2013, she took a leap of faith and moved from South Langley to Port Moody with her two children. It can be hard enough to start a new life in a new City, but Claire quickly became involved with her new community, even taking on a new career in real estate.

At the age of 40, she became known as the “Divorce Specialist” since most of her first clients were going through a separation. It was a running joke, but the truth was that she could relate to the stress of transitioning into a new unexpected life. And that’s what Claire does best - relate and connect with people.

Claire made sure to engage with her neighbours and create ties to the community however she could. She truly believes in living by the mantra “Pay it Forward,” which guides her in giving back to the community however she can. When she’s not busy being an active member of the Port Moody Rotary Club, putting on events such as Rib Fest and other fundraisers, you can find her smiling face chatting up neighbours in the grocery store, or out and about in the neighbourhood.

This Port Moody realtor started the Port Moody Community Corner Facebook group in January 2018, which now has over 500 members and counting. She is always looking to highlight members of the community and is a huge advocate for small business in Port Moody.

We met Claire at one of her favourite shops, Home Lounge Interiors in Suterbrook, and asked her our five anchoring questions. Here are her five authentic answers:

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  1. How do you contribute to the social development of Port Moody?

“I started Port Moody Community Corner, which is a closed Facebook group page that locals can ask to join. It is a positive page, not political in any way. It is meant to be a positive tool for the residents, and business owners and employees of Port Moody. I felt that social media is at almost everyone’s fingertips, and what better way to be a good neighbour? You can ask for advice, share your good experiences at local businesses, educate each other on local events or ask for a hand by connecting with locals.

We all have a story. We should look up from our phones and engage with one another. We can all can find a commonality just by listening.  There is always room to enhance someone’s day, even if it is with just a smile.”

2. What values should we stand for as a community?

“Pride in ownership.  This is our City. We are so fortunate to live here, work here, and play here. This is a one stop shop. You can hit the mountains, ocean and local event all in the same day, and still have time to stop for a pint along Brewers Row on the way home.  It is peaceful, endearing, friendly and welcoming. That is who we are. A kind and accommodating community that is open to new friends, change, and making a positive difference for anyone that needs it. We have a lot to offer here, and we are not just a pretty face. “

3. Describe the most authentic moment you’ve witnessed during your time here.

“When my kids, Sophie and Rowen, and I started our new life here, we had to make friends and relationships. We had to make an effort. The kids would go into Starbucks after school and the barista would text me to say they were home safe in the village.  It was incredible. It was then that I realized the power of being engaging and neighbourly. I joined the Port Moody Rotary to lead by example to the offspring and give back in the only way I could.  I feel that I have been given a hand up in times throughout my life, and even if I was not in a position to “pay back” financially, I could give back with my time.“

4. What kind of legacy do you intend on leaving behind?

“I remember, in Grade 2, our teacher explained how to take care of a library book. That you should keep it in the same shape or better when you return it. One of my classmates asked sarcastically how you would bring a used book back in better condition.  The teacher explained that you could tape the ripped page or bound. Perhaps if it was a bike, you borrowed that you could pump up the tires and wash it before returning it. I found this concept profound and inspiring.

So, if I could make one small impact here it would be to empower and recognize the best in who you are and contribute what your strengths are in life. Pay it forward.

That is what I would be most proud of doing as a mother and a human and Rotarian.  Rotary is a Club that has many different people with fascinating backgrounds, experiences and expertise that instead of saying no to projects or ideas asks, “How can we make this happen?” or “how can we help?”  It is amazing to be a part of such a positive and bright group and I am truly humbled that such intelligent and powerful people that have lived, experienced and either are or were powerful business men and women see something in me to contribute.”

5. What ultimately anchors you here?

“Its where my heart is, my kids, my business, my rotary and that feeling of being home," which is incredible considering just five years ago I had never even been to Port Moody.  I belong here and I love this community.”

Claire is a Realtor for Royal LePage Sterling in Port Moody. You can find her at

Photos were taken in Home Lounge Interiors - a special thank you to Anna for welcoming us in her space!