Anchored Here: Zola the Husky

Port Moody really is for the dogs. You couldn’t go ten minutes without spotting a happy pup walking down the street. We would even wager that for every two humans there’s at least one dog.  So, how could we pass up featuring a cute doggo that seems to love our ‘hood just as much as us?

Meet Zola. She never stops smiling.

Meet Zola. She never stops smiling.

Meet Zola. She is probably the tiniest and smiley-est husky you’ll ever meet. When her siblings and her were still in their mother’s womb, CAARE Rescue found their beautiful, pregnant mom in Manitoba and saved all the puppies. Eight weeks later, Zola hopped on a plane to move to her fur-ever home with her new human, Jasmine, in Port Moody.

We asked Zola and Jasmine to answer our five anchoring questions, and she didn’t hold back her enthusiasm for this city, it’s ice cream, friendly neighbours, and favourite spots to run on the beach.

1. How do you get to know your neighbours in Port Moody?

"I ruv making friends wherever I go - and, I am so good at it! I like to introduce myself, first, by allowing a gentle butt sniff, if they want. After that, I throw my ears back, lick their face off, and wag my tail back and forth. Then we are already calling each other BEST FRIENDS FUREVER!"

2. Where is your favourite walk? What makes this trail special?

"My favourite walk in Port Moody is the Shoreline Trail. At one end, we have Old Orchard, where I instantly get the zoomies across the beach. SO FAST. Sandy paws and salty fur makes for one happy Zola! Along the rest of the trail are some fun walking bridges and the best tall grass EVER! At the other end of the trail, we have Rocky Point. The Dog Park is a great place for my friends and I to run around off-leash and dig holes in the dirt. The view from Rocky Point is beautiful and I love feeling the ocean breeze through my coat when we walk down the Pier."

3. Describe a perfect day spent in Port Moody.

"A perfect day spent in Port Moody would start off with a walk around Shoreline Trail. When we finally reached Rocky Point, I’d wag my tail across the street to my favourite place ever… Parkside Brewery! I’m still under-aged, but they let me play with my fellow four-legged friends while my humans drink yellow water (gross!) from a cup that makes them act funny. Once I’ve had enough of Brewers Row, and if I’ve been a good dog, we’ll finish the day with a doggie cone from Rocky Point Ice Cream before our walk home! Mmmmm!!"

Good dogs like Zola get Rocky Point Ice Cream.

Good dogs like Zola get Rocky Point Ice Cream.

4. What makes your tail wag the most? How do you make other’s tails wag or smile?

"What makes my tail wag the most is seeing my humans, my human friends, or furry friends after not seeing them for even just five minutes! I get so excited, every time! Not only do I wag my tail, and smile, and cry, but sometimes I pee everywhere, just so they know just how truly happy I am! I can’t contain my happiness!!"


5. What makes Port Moody home for you?

"I like to call Port Moody my home because I have pals in every part of the city! There are so many dog-friendly places around here. I love exploring and making new friends. Sometimes I feel so insta-famous because of all the friendly strangers that know my name - and I ruv every minute of it! Port Moody is beautiful and anything you could ever want or need is just a walk away. This little rescue pup is living her best life on the West Coast and I wouldn’t change that for anything (not even a bag of sardines)!"

Zola with her human mom, Jasmine Daniels. 

Zola with her human mom, Jasmine Daniels. 

Tell us about your human.

"My human’s name is Jasmine. She is my mom, my adventure buddy, personal photographer, provider of food, and the momager of my Instagram account. (Yes, I’m adopted). My mom was born on the East Coast, but moved to Port Moody when she was very young - kinda like me! She is very nice, shares her bed with me, takes me everywhere with her, and has the BEST JOB EVER! Every day is “Bring Your Dawg To Work Day” with my mom because she works at a DOGGIE DAYCARE! Uptown Dawg is located right by Rocky Point on Brewer’s Row, and it has all the treats, friends, activities, and pawties your dog could ever dream of! When we’re not “working” or hanging out at the Breweries, we love to spend time together hiking, swimming, chillin' on our patio, or doing laps in the backyard."