Anchored Here: Taryn Barker

Taryn Barker, Owner of The Little Butcher

Taryn Barker, Owner of The Little Butcher

When you think of a butcher, you probably picture a big, burly man with chest hair, holding a sharp cleaver. That may be true in some butcher shops, but not at The Little Butcher in Newport Village. The Little Butcher, owned and operated by Taryn Barker, greets you with a fresh look and friendly smiles with its beautiful design and (mostly) female staff. Taryn admits that the store name is quite literal given her height, but her bright and enthusiastic personality is anything but little.

Healthy living is a key value for Taryn, as it is for many of Port Moody residents. This badass butcher serves more than 95% of locally-sourced goods, and even has gluten-free and vegan options. Her passion for healthy and clean eating keeps you coming back, and her love for her community makes you enjoy the food that much more.

Taryn started working at a butcher shop in Langley when she was just 16 years old. She continued working there throughout university, eventually becoming co-owner (formerly George’s). After 6 years of co-owning George’s, she bought out her partner for 100% ownership, and now has re-branded it into The Little Butcher. Now, Taryn lives in Port Moody and loves meeting local entrepreneurs and being within walking distance to all her favourite spots.

Taryn Barker is our next Anchored Here feature. Read on to get at the meat of why she is anchored here.

The Little Butcher Port Moody
Taryn Barker

1. How do you contribute to the social development of your community?

“My focus in selling quality food plays a big part in having a healthy community. And, to me, a healthy community is a happy community.”

2. What values should we stand for as a community?

“We do pretty well at it already, but to me, being a community that really supports each other in all aspects is the most important thing.”

3. Describe the most authentic moment you’ve witnessed in Port Moody.

“Working in customer service we see wonderful authentic moments quite often.

We become a part of a customers’ routine, as they stop by to pick up their ingredients for their weekly meals. When you begin to see someone on a weekly basis you get to know them, and soon develop a friendly relationship. So it’s not uncommon that customers return sharing their recipes. Recently, we had a customer purchase meat to make homemade sausages, it was so thoughtful when they returned a few days later with a batch for us to try. Sharing experiences like this is authentically Port Moody.”

4. What kind of legacy do you intend on leaving behind?

“I hope to be able to teach my community as much as possible about local farming, whole animal butchery, and eating clean meats and produce.”

5. What ultimately anchors you here?

“Having a business in a community that supports local and small independent shops!”

Follow The Little Butcher on Instagram  @thelittlebutcherpomo  or  Facebook/thelittlebutcherpomo .

Follow The Little Butcher on Instagram @thelittlebutcherpomo or Facebook/thelittlebutcherpomo.