Anchored Here: Dr. Gil Desaulniers


We would be surprised if you haven’t seen Dr. Gil walking or biking around Port Moody. Commuting to his chiropractic clinic in Suter Brook Village, Dr. Gil is always out and about in the community, looking for adventure.

The proximity to nature and adventure is the main reason why Dr. Gil and his wife, Dr. Marie Perron, chose to move here. Having moved here in 2008 Dr. Gil and Dr. Marie fell in love with Port Moody’s small community and family-friendly vibe. Living in Port Moody, it’s easy to finish up work for the day and hop on a paddle board or go for a swim at Buntzen. Another reason Dr. Gil loves Port Moody is that, although, it is a small town, it’s easy to access the vibrancy of downtown Vancouver, easy to travel anywhere via a world class international airport, and easy to pop over to the States or the interior.

When he is not walking to the office, he may be found taking a stroll through the woods up to Rocky Point or somewhere close by breathing in the nature. With all three of his kids being born either right in Suter Brook Village or within blocks of it, he and his family are truly anchored here. He absolutely loves the walkable lifestyle and has even created a space that enables his clients to do the same. Optimum Family Group is stroller accessible, so you can often find 3 or 4 strollers at any given time parked inside.

We spent time getting to know Dr. Gil inside the walls of his business and learnt that coming from one of the largest chiropractic families in the world (44 in his extended family), Dr. Gil realized that many people misunderstand or simply aren't aware of the full health benefits of regular chiropractic care. From this he felt a responsibility and opportunity to help people connect with and express their full health potential by having a healthy foundation of an optimized spine and nerve system.

Having spent just a short amount of time at Optimum Family it is clear that Dr. Gil and his wife, Dr. Marie, also a chiropractor, are innovators in their field and are deeply passionate about what they do and their community.


1. How do you contribute to the social development of Port Moody?

“In both personal and professional life, we intentionally create spaces and host events/workshops for people to connect with others   around topics of health and family.”

2. What values should we stand for as a community?

“Connection. Connecting with nature, the community, and yourself. All of life's riches, joys and abundance comes from this place.”

Describe the most authentic moment you’ve witnessed during your time here.

“I love seeing how complete strangers meet at our office and help each other out. Whether it's to hold a baby so mom can have a turn to get adjusted or we've also had many times where after meeting, they bring in 'hand-me-down' clothes to pass on to each other!”

What kind of legacy do you intend on leaving behind?

“I want to live a life that expresses growth and adventure. To be an example of constant and never ending improvement as well as help others do the same by living their personal expression of their best in all areas of life.”

What ultimately anchors you here?

“To me, Port Moody is the hub of my life's adventure wheel. We chose here because it is our perfect blend of all that we love. Whether it's playing in the mountains, ocean or travelling elsewhere... everything is within reach. Far and near. I get to experience all types of people and places from my doorstep.”

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