Get your glow with $50 off a Skoah facial

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Finding the right skin products for your unique skin type is daunting. It’s easy to get lost among the endless selection at drugstores and beauty bars, where brands compete with fancy lingo like whipped hydration, soft cream and hydra-essential. It’s super confusing, and often it seems easier to make a decision based on the prettiest packaging. 

This was my reality for years. I went through waves of products, spent too much money, and most of it ended up in the trash. Finally, a friend of mine recommended Skoah, a local, Vancouver-based company with incredible reviews from  In Style, Vogue, New York Times, Allure, and GQ - just to name a few. 

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Knowing my reluctance, my friend sent me a promo code for a Skoah facial so I could really test out whether their products could give me that much needed glow.

And no joke, I walked out of my first Skoah facial GLOWING. Not only did my face look so much healthier, but I finally understood my skin thanks to  my first Skin Gym session. It was a lifesaver. Needless to say, I’ve become obsessed and haven’t had to step foot in a drugstore beauty aisle since.

I think everyone deserves to glow, and seeing as this is one of Skoah’s missions - they have been so kind to offer all of Port Moody & Co’s followers $50 OFF a FitSkin facial. That's an $85 facial for just $35. No hard decisions there.

All you have to do is click here to redeem your $50 off promo code.

So, please get your holiday glow on and enjoy! Hope it’s as life changing for you, as it was for me :)

- Victoria

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